“What types of Home Survey are there?” is a question we often get asked. At Pinnacle Surveyors we offer a number of different services and survey types. We understand that the different types of report offered can be quite confusing, so we have designed a useful Compare Home Surveys & Valuations chart to show exactly what is included within each report type and level of service.
If you would like further information on either Valuations or Home Surveys, then please get in touch with our administration team on 01332 830202 and select Option 2.
  • Valuation
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
ValuationLevel 1Level 2Level 2Level 3
Survey & Valuation
Valuation and Reinstatement Cost
Construction and Condition Described
Significant Defects Identified
Urgent Matters Identified
Further Investigations Recommended
Risks Identified
Further Advice Recommended
Ongoing Maintenance
Future Performance of Materials
Hidden Defects Discussed
Repair Options Identified
Comments on Energy Performance