I am emailing to let you know that I am exceptionally impressed with your surveyor Maxine Davies, who recently completed a home buyers report on a property we are purchasing in the Gloucestershire area. Maxine has a lovely way about her and put me at ease almost instantly. I felt comfortable enough to ask all the questions I had and she answered them in a way in which I understood. I honestly felt like she couldn’t do enough for me! I would really appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks to Maxine and let her know that we were incredibly impressed with the service she provided.

Ms Edwards, Gloucestershire

Many thanks for the report. Sarah and I have read it through a number of times and on the whole we're mostly comfortable with the majority of what Michael has pointed out. We obviously have a few concerns, as Michael has stated himself an we'll be arranging further inspections ASAP, particularly an asbestos report. We knew this property would be a long term project for us and the report has more than confirmed that. No huge, nasty surprises though, which was nice. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for his hard work on this report along with any other members of staff that may have been integral to the production of the document. If you could pass my words onto Michael, I would greatly appreciate it.

Mr Smith, Staffordshire

Following receipt of your detailed Homebuyers Report on the above property and your e-mail below, the Selling Agents instructed a damp specialist to inspect and report on the dampness within the property in Basingstoke. The damp specialist did indeed report significant dampness to internal and external walls, which confirmed your findings to the Seller and the Agent, and proposed rectification measures and initial quotation for the works. However, despite the fact that it is the Seller's responsibility to rectify this problem, the Seller was not prepared to do so, which was not acceptable to us. We therefore decided not to proceed with the purchase of the property given the high financial risk to ourselves in not only the damp issue, but also the considerable structural problems also identified in your report. We would like to thank you for your invaluable investigations in this matter, which may well have saved us a substantial sum of money because should we have proceeded without your advice, it would undoubtedly have cost us dearly.

Mr & Mrs Haywood, Basingstoke

Thank you for the survey, it's a very informative piece of information and answered my questions.

L Bermingham, Derby

I write to congratulate you on an excellent service in every respect. I have moved home on 10 occasions previously and felt that the survey part was the hardest to evaluate due to its nature and implications to a home buyer and invariably there has been no point of contact other than the report itself. This is where you have excelled. The office was prepared to be flexible in arranging my survey due to the urgency of my need to proceed with both the purchase and the report. The previous house I intended to purchase which you surveyed had undisclosed issues that resulting in my withdrawing from the sale and due to the efficiency of your services instructed you to do the survey on the house I intend to buy now. The surveyor took the trouble to respond quickly, phoning me back to answer every query I had on both houses in a clear manner I could understand. My confidence is restored due to your excellent service in entirety and I will most certainly recommend you to anyone requiring a survey I should meet. So thanks again Pinnacle.

Mrs James - Shoeburyness