What is a SmartrSurvey?

SmartrSurvey is a product designed by Legal and General Surveying Services. Pinnacle Surveyors is approved by Legal and General Surveying Services to sell and carry out SmartrSurveys.

SmartrSurvey is a digital report that uses a combination of text and photographs to highlight defects within a property. The survey aims to ensure you understand any defects, risks or hazards with the property you are purchasing, and to make sure you do not encounter any costly surprises following completion.

SmartrSurvey is delivered in accordance with the Home Survey Standard (1st edition) RICS Professional Statement and is equivalent to Survey Level Two. This level of service is for clients who are seeking a professional opinion at an economic price. It is, therefore, less comprehensive than a Level Three service. The focus is on assessing the general condition of the main elements of a property. Please see our Documents section for the full definition of each Survey Level.

What is included within the inspection?

The surveyor inspects all elements inside and outside the main building, plus all permanent outbuildings and garages. The surveyor does not take up carpets or floor coverings and does not move furniture or personal effects within the property. External elements are inspected from ground level or using a ladder to reach up to 3m above ground level. Services are inspected where visible, but the surveyor does not carry out any specialist testing.

What is included within the report?

You will receive a digital report straight to your computer or smartphone. The report uses a traffic-light scale to highlight important factors and defects. The report also includes legal considerations, environmental concerns, and health hazards. Photos taken during the inspection will illustrate findings.

The system also allows you to share any legal issues raised with your legal advisor and provides the option to get quotes from tradespeople for any defects noted.

As part of the service, you will receive phone calls from the surveyor both before and after the inspection. We will call you before visiting the property to explain the process and find out if you have any concerns. We will also call you again after you have received the report to check you are happy and fully understand our findings.

How do I book a SmartrSurvey?

Follow this link to visit the SmartrSurvey website and find out more about the product. You can then book and pay for SmartrSurvey directly with Legal and General Surveying Services.