Customer Feedback


We welcome all feedback from our customers and constantly strive to give excellent customer service throughout the process of preparing your report. Please see some of our customer comments below:

Client: Client: Mr Smith - Staffordshire

Many thanks for the report.

Sarah and I have read it through a number of times and on the whole we're mostly comfortable with the majority of what Michael has pointed out. We obviously have a few concerns, as Michael has stated himself an we'll be arranging further inspections ASAP, particularly an asbestos report.

We knew this property would be a long term project for us and the report has more than confirmed that. No huge, nasty surprises though, which was nice.

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Client: Mr & Mrs Haywood, Basingstoke

Following receipt of your detailed Homebuyers Report on the above property and your e-mail below, the Selling Agents instructed a damp specialist to inspect and report on the dampness within the property in Basingstoke. The damp specialist did indeed report significant dampness to internal and external walls, which confirmed your findings to the Seller and the Agent, and proposed rectification measures and initial quotation for the works.

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Client: Mr L Bermingham - Derby

Thank you for the survey, it's a very informative piece of information and answered my questions.


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Client: Mrs James - Shoeburyness

I write to congratulate you on an excellent service in every respect.

I have moved home on 10 occasions previously and felt that the survey part was the hardest to evaluate due to its nature and implications to a home buyer and invariably there has been no point of contact other than the report itself. This is where you have excelled.

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