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Understanding Your Report - Services (Electricity, Gas, etc)

Posted on Friday, January 16, 2015

When we have completed Homebuyer Reports or Building Surveys there are several questions we are asked frequently, once our customer has recieved the report. This series of 'Understanding Your Report' is aimed to help with some of these more frequent questions.


What does a Surveyor inspect with regards the Services?

As I am sure you will appreciate, our surveyors are highly qualified professionals in residential valuations and surveys, however, their qualifications do not extend to those required by electricians, gas installation contractors or drainage contractors. For these types of 'service' installations, the regulations and requirements are constantly updated and contractors should be registered to a regulatory body. Specialist contractors will always be recommended for checking supplies and appliances in all cases.

Our surveyors will however make comment on any obvious defects or areas which appear may need further investigation or tests. In the case of Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys, they will comment as to the placement of meter boxes and will perform visual inspections of the drains, if they can safely raise the inspection chamber covers.


Why give a Condition Rating 3 in a Homebuyer Report or recommendation in a Building Survey?

For most installations there are recommendations made by the regulatory bodies as to best practice. Our surveyors are often not provided with copies of safety certificates, and so will always recommend that you ask for sight of these via Legal Advisers or, if they are not forthcoming, arrange for inspections and reports from appropriate contractors. Our Condition Rating 3 is often a precautionary one. We want to ensure you are aware of the potential for unsafe systems and should satisfy yourself that there are no current problems by means of appropriate tests/investigations.


Can you recommend a contractor?

Unfortunately, we do not carry a list of recommended contractors however, an electrical contractor should be registered with NICEIC and, gas contractors, registered with Gas Safe.


We hope this goes some way to explain what to expect on your report with regards to the services at the property.

Thank you!