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Understanding Your Report - Finding a Reputable Contractor

Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When reading your Homebuyer Report or Building Survey, you may see a recommendation to use a reputable and qualified contractor to carry out investigations, remedial works or provide estimates to the property. This post looks at the next steps you should take.


Do Pinnacle Surveyors hold a list of contractors?

Unfortunately, we do not hold a list of recommended contractors as there are many reputable individuals and companies available throughout the UK and we do not have any regular direct contact with anyone to be able to recommend them.


So how do you find a contractor?

We would suggest that you aim to contact a minimum of 2 contractors, but more if you possibly can. An obvious place to start would be friends and family who may have personal experience with some individuals or firms; social media can also sometimes help. Internet searches and listings such as the Yellow Pages (Yell.com) will provide lists of contractors nearby and often website links too. There are also various tradesman comparison sites available, although be aware that many of these types of sites do tend to attract reviews from people that have had a bad experience, as opposed to those that are happy and just get on with life as normal. If you are really struggling, sometimes your local Estate Agent that is marketing the property, may hold a list of recommended contractors for the area, so it is always worth finding out.


What do I look for in a potential contractor?

The first thing to look for with any professional individual/company is that they belong to a regulatory body and are certified to work in the area in which they specialise. For example, a gas engineer employed to look at your boiler and heating should be Gas Safe registered; an electrical contractor should be NICEIC registered and so on. A lot of regulatory bodies will have websites with lists of contractors that are registered to them which is a good starting place. Very often you are requesting the contractor to carry out investigations and provide you with a report on their findings, including a quote. This may give you some bargaining room with the seller of the property if the costs are significant, and you may have to provide the details to your mortgage lender in some cases, if the works have been made a condition of your mortgage.


Do I have to have the recommended works completed?

In short, it depends on whether they are recommendations in our Homebuyer/Building Survey or a condition of the mortgage with your lender/bank. If it is a condition of the mortgage, then yes, you will need to find an appropriate contractor and send their findings onto your bank with details of the cost. This will then be sent to your surveyor for their comments.

If it is a recommendation in your Homeubuyer Report/Building Survey only, then they are strong recommendations, as we believe that there is an area of concern, and you should satisfy yourself of the potential costs for rectifying the problem. You should also confirm that the property is going to be safe for yourself/your family to reside in, once the purchase goes through. All investigations should be carried out prior to exchange of contracts, and Legal Advisers will often be able to advise you further.


We hope the above helps for homebuyers to understand why further investigations are recommended or insisted upon in some cases.