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Top Tips To Help Your Surveyor At Your Property Inspection

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you have an inspection booked for a Mortgage Valuation, HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey then there are things that you can do to help the process go as smoothly as possible. Different mortgage lenders, have different criteria that our surveyors need to follow and report upon to show whether the property is suitable security. Failure to gain access to some areas can occasionally lead to delays while solicitors, banks and surveyors go back and forth in communication to iron out any other details. So below, we have compiled a list of some of the things you can do to help your appointment go as smoothly as possible and help you understand what to expect.

1. You may be packing if you have sold your house, but if possible please make sure that access can be gained to all rooms and boxes are not blocking access to anything.

2. Prepare your loft ladder if you have one installed (providing it will not get in the way of moving through the property).

3. Please keep pets and children under your watchful eye. We are used to dealing with animals and having children around but please do not let them terrorise the surveyor so that the job can be completed without anything being missed.

4. Make sure keys are to hand to all the doors in/out of the property.

5. Please be aware that there are usually several appointments booked in a day and our surveyors need to complete their inspections to get back to their offices to send information to the mortgage lenders.

6. Be prepared to answer questions about your property (i.e. have you recently had the boiler/gas installation tested?).

7. If you are not going to be present at the inspection and our surveyor will be on his own, please warn us about pets, sticking doors, other hazards. (We aim to leave a property exactly how it was found but sometimes it helps to be aware of certain potential problems).

8. Please understand that although we do try to stick to appointment times as rigidly as possible, occasionally traffic and other circumstances cause delays. We will try to get in touch if we are running very late.

9. Be aware that if the surveyor is carrying out a longer report (e.g. Homebuyer or Building Survey) then they will need access to as much of the property as possible including the external of the property, garden areas, any garages, roof space and all the rooms. Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys can take anywhere between 1 – 4 hours depending upon the size of the property.  (Some 1 bedroom flats can take a lot less however).

10. Due to Health and Safety our surveyors are not able to remove shoes when entering a property. However they will endeavour to keep your carpets as clean as possible!

And finally, please do not worry about someone coming to inspect your property. Our surveyors are professional and friendly and will do whatever they can to make the appointment as straightforward as possible!